Please feel free to browse our various brochures, including the new 2024 Keel Toys Brochure. If you have any queries or would like to talk to a member of our Sales Team, you can contact us on: +44 (0)1233 506363 or email

Keel-Toys-PDF Keel Toys Brochure 2024 – 20MB

Keel-Toys-PDF Valentines 2024 – 25MB

Keel-Toys-PDF Souvenir 2024 – 3MB

Keel-Toys-PDF Halloween 2024 – 12MB

Keel-Toys-PDF Christmas 2024 – 2MB

You can now also view our promotional videos for Keeleco! Just click on the links below to watch them

For 2024, we have also included the ability to download range photos. All you have to do is click on the link next to the range you would like to download.

Animotsu Images Animotsu Range Images – 47MB

Bobballs Images Bobballs Range Images – 17MB

Bakery Images Bakery Range Images – 21MB

Bakery Images Cafe Cute Range Images – 11MB

Christmas Images Christmas Range Images – 72MB

Halloween Images Halloween Range Images – 5MB

Keeleco Images Keeleco Range Images – 255MB

Keeleco Adoptable World Images Keeleco Adoptable World Range Images – 98MB

Keeleco Baby Images Keeleco Baby Range Images – 85MB

Keeleco Baby Images Keeleco Hand Puppet Range Images – 34MB

Keeleco Baby Images Keeleco Pink Range Images – 19MB

Love To Hug Images Love To Hug Range Images – 25MB

Mini Motsu Images Mini Motsu Range Images – 30MB

Motsu Images Motsu Range Images – 54MB

Pippins Images Pippins Range Images – 21MB

Signature Cuddle Kittens Images Signature Cuddle Kittens Range Images – 5MB

Signature Cuddle Puppies Images Signature Cuddle Puppies Range Images – 32MB

Signature Cuddle Teddies Images Signature Cuddle Teddies Range Images – 27MB

Signature Forever Puppies Range Images Signature Forever Puppies Range Images – 13MB

Souvenir Images Souvenir Range Images – 79MB

Wild Images Wild Range Images – 7MB